WHEELCHAIR USERS – porsche-Arena

Wheelchair users or persons with a walking disability are offered the following services and support respectively when visiting the Porsche-Arena. 

-        Parking
There are ample parking spaces available for disabled persons in the immediate vicinity of the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle in the P10 car park on the Cannstatter Wasen event site. The respective marked spaces are to be found in parking sector “A” along the Talstraße und Mercedesstraße streets. Parking is free of charge upon presentation of a disabled identification card marked with a “G”.

-        Access
Wheelchair users or persons with a walking disability can access the Porsche-Arena via the main entrance, door 7. It is situated on the Willi-Daume-Steg footbridge which has a ten per cent gradient. From there, there is signposted barrier-free access to the Porsche-Arena’s foyer. Security and arena staff will be very happy to assist in the search for wheelchair spaces or seats and in any other way.

-        Seating in the stands
For events with standing room, there is ample space for wheelchair users in blocks 2a to 12c (at the Cannstatt end of the arena). Access is via the concourse of level 2 which can be reached barrier-free from the foyer. At events with seating room only, the organisers offer extra spaces for wheelchair users or visitors with a waling disability. Accompanying persons naturally always sit in the immediate proximity. The Porsche-Arena infield on level 0 is accessible at all times via a lift in the foyer. For all the necessary information regarding the availability and booking of wheelchair spaces, please ring Easy Ticket Service (+49 (0) 7 11 / 2 555 555) or visit the www.easyticket.de website.

-        Sanitary facilities
The Porsche-Arena has a total of nine sanitary facilities suitable for disabled persons. Each is appropriately equipped with emergency buttons and plugs. Around the concourse on level 2, they are situated by blocks 4 and 10 (both with toilets). There are additionally two further toilets for disabled persons in the foyer on level 0.