Any questions?

We have put together the most important information relating to frequently asked questions.

To start with here are the most important latest facts about the hygiene concept and the involved measures to contain the corona pandemic:

When do I have to wear a nose and mouth covering?

The wearing of nose and mouth covering is compulsory for visitors to an event. This applies to entering the venue and the whole indoor area. A doctor’s certificate does not excuse one from the obligation to wear a nose and mouth covering. Refusal to wear a covering will lead to one being refused admission. Not permitted are: face shields, scarves, neckerchiefs or textiles held in front of the face. Nose and mouth coverings may only be removed when it is explicitly allowed.

How to gain entry to the Hallenduo (Schleyer-Halle/Porsche-Arena)?
Entry to the two arenas is via the main entrance or the marked side entrances respectively so that the standing in a queue is orderly and done with the required social distancing. Please heed the respective signs. The wearing of a mask is compulsory when standing in a queue. Disinfecting one’s hands is highly recommended when entering the arenas.

How is the distance between the seating regulated?
The seating has been chosen is such a way that the minimum distance of 1.5 m is maintained. In the arenas, widespread signage and video screens respectively plus floor markings indicate the distance people should keep from one another as well as the hygiene measures. We request all the visitors to adhere to the hygiene and social distancing guidelines. Social distancing rules also have to be adhered to when exiting the arenas at the end of the event.

Is there catering during the corona times?
Gastronomie Grandl GmbH is responsible for catering in the Hallenduo. Please remember that food and drink may only be consumed in the seats and in designated areas.

Where can tickets be purchased for the event?
In the corona times, tickets may only be purchased in advance (www.easyticket.de / telephone + 49 711/2555555). Tickets are not available on the night. Tickets purchased in advance will be scanned at the venue’s entrances.

How should I react if I am suspected of being infected with corona?
Persons having or have had contact with another person infected with SARS-CoV-2 – should 14 days not have passed since the last contact – and those that show the known symptoms of a SARS-CoV-2 infection like the loss of smell and taste, high temperature, have signs of infection of the respiratory tract etc may not visit the event and may not enter the Hallenduo in NeckarPark.

How is data privacy protected?
Whenever required, all visitors have to declare their first and family name, address, telephone number and the date and duration of one’s attendance at an event. An ID card has to be carried and shown at the entrance without being asked to do so. The event organiser is responsible that the visitor data is kept, in accordance with the German DSGVO law, for four weeks before being deleted. If needed the data has to be handed over to the responsible health authority to trace possible chains of infection.


Is there a cloakroom in the arena complex?
There is a cloakroom in the foyer (main entrance) of the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle and the Porsche-Arena. Cost 2.00 €.

May bags be taken into the arenas?
Bags are not generally forbidden. However, bags or backpacks larger that DIN A4 are not allowed in the arenas. Please also inform yourself about the Safety guidelines (PDF)

May I take my own food and drink?
Food and drink may not be brought into the arenas – also when in tetra paks or a soft plastic bottles. This does not apply for visitors that have to carry drinks due to an illness. A medical certificate is required. An exception is made for food and drink for babies and small children up to the age of 6. 

Is smoking allowed in the arenas?
The non-smoking laws apply in both arenas. This means, smoking is only allowed within the designated smoking zones. It is forbidden to smoke in all other areas of public buildings.

Are there always supporting acts at concerts? Where can I find information?
There are supporting acts before the headliner at the majority of concerts. It is basically up to the event organiser or the tour planner respectively. The latest information can often be found on the home page of the event organiser or the particular musician or bands respectively.

Is it permitted to take cameras of any kind into the arenas?
Filming and photography is not permitted at international concerts (rock/pop), musicals or stage shows. In the meantime, mobile phones with cameras and small digital cameras are tolerated. In special cases, they have to be handed over at the entrance and can be picked up again after the end of the event.

When do the arenas open before events?

As a rule, both arenas open about 90 minutes before the start of the event. The latest information can found by visiting our homepage 

  • Where can I find information for wheelchair users?
    Please go to the homepage where the information is to be found under the menu item “For visitors” – Wheelchair users.
  • Where can I find seating plans for events in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle and Porsche Arena?
    Please go to the homepage where the information is to be found under the menu item “For visitors” – seating
  • Where is the main entrance to both arenas exactly?
    The Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle and the Porsche-Arena can be accessed via a main entrance and a common foyer. Address: Mercedesstraße 69, 70372 Stuttgart.
  • Where can I find out about scheduled events?
    Obviously via the event overviews for our two arenas but also on the websites of the concert promoters and the performers and bands respectively.
    For all ticketing queries, please go to Easy Ticket Service.
    Tel: +49 (0) 7 11/ 2 55 55 55

Getting here

How can I get to the Hallenduo in NeckarPark (Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle / Porsche-Arena)?
Basically one is best advised to use public transport. Further information can be found by visiting Getting here/VVS

Where can I park? How much are the parking charges? 
Car drivers can leave their vehicles in the P10 car park on the Cannstatter Wasen event site. Parking costs76 € per day and car; 14 € per day for coaches and trucks.
Directions can be found at this link

Tickets and prices

Who determines ticket prices?
As a principle, ticket categories and prices are determined by the respective event organiser.

Where can I buy tickets for the events?
Tickets are available at Easy Ticket Service and all the Easy Ticket pre-sales offices in the Stuttgart region. They can be ordered on the telephone or online.
Telephone ticket orders: + 49 (0) 7 11/ 2 55 55 55
Online: www.easyticket.de
An Easy Ticket pre-sales office is to be found right next to the main entrance of our Hallenduo in NeckarPark Stuttgart, Mercedesstraße 69.


Does the Hallenduo offer food and beverages?
There is a comprehensive range of food and beverages on sale in both arenas before, during and after events.
Once can choose between various stands offering food and drink in the arena concourses and there is also the “Grandl’s” event restaurant.
When dining at the restaurant, it is recommended you book a table.
Tel: +49 (0) 7 11 / 50 98 9 - 0.


  • From which age may young persons go to concerts and events?
    The existing German “Jugendschutzbestimmungen (Protection of Young Persons Act) is applicable here. This means that young persons from the age of 16 may remain in public places until 0:00 hrs. Further information is available – in German – at www.bdkj-bb-cw.de
  • Which hotels are there in the vicinity of the Hallenduo?
    All the hotel information is to be found at Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH.
    Call center:
    Monday - Friday from 8.30 to 18.00 hrs
    Tel: + 49 (0) 7 11 / 22 28 – 2 33
  • How can I apply for media credentials for an event?
    Media representatives with a valid press ID card should contact the respective event organiser in good time on the telephone or via email.
  • Do you have any other questions?
    You are very welcome to email us at info@hallenduo.de or phone +49 711-9554 40 between 9 an 16:00 hrs.