Multi-purpose room: 310 m², height 3.5 metres high. An exit onto the Mercedesstraße enables it to be used in a multitude of ways, e.g. as a press centre.

Grandls Restaurant, Bar, Lounge: the restaurant where both halls are joined can be reached either from the foyer or from the Mercedesstraße (level 0). It has 165 tableside seats and the bar is an inviting place to while away time. The restaurant has space for approximately 230 people.

Executive boxes: the Porsche-Arena has over 20 exclusive executive boxes sized between 16 - 26 m². Every executive box has a glass front providing a direct view of the floor space. Immediately in front of each executive box are, depending on its size, 9 - 15 box seats with armrests.

Business-Lounge: the Business-Lounge offers space for up to 350 persons and connects the two executive box areas in the Porsche-Arena. The view from the Business-Lounge into the arena through the large glass front is overwhelming. Its highly diverse cuisine makes the Business-Lounge the ideal meeting place for executive box guests.

TV, press: broadcasting facilities and press seating are located on level 3. The press seating provides 12 permanent seats with tables.

Dressing rooms and changing rooms: the 9 artists dressing rooms/ changing rooms for sports events and 4 other rooms are located on level 0.

Offices and crew catering: depending on the event, six offices a crew catering room are available.

Arena: floor space in the Porsche-Arena totals 2000 m². When using the mobile stands (e.g. for handball and basketball) the arena has 1,450 m² of floor space. Its stands have permanent seating for approximately 6,000 people. The height to the light rigging is 12 metres. Hanging from the roof is a 4 x 12 metre LED cube (height is flexible). The infield can be accessed by trucks (2 entrances of which one is in the backstage area). Ample parking is available on the Benzstraße side of the hall; trucks and coaches can park next to the Porsche-Arena.

Foyer: The Hallenduo in NeckarPark is joined by a modern foyer. The building linking the arenas is an impressive common entrance with large cloakrooms and information facilities.