Room 1:750 m², height 4 metres. It can be easily utilised from the Porsche-Arena via the foyer (level 0).

Room 2730 m², height 3.5 metres.

Room 3: 1,150 m², height 4.5 metres

Room 4: 1,220 m², height 6 metres. Room 4 lies between the Mercedesstraße and the Benzstraße at the end of Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle.

Room 5: 916 m², height 5 metres. A room with a lot of daylight that is situated immediately above Room 3 and on the concourse.

Room 6: 218 m², height 3.5 metres. It can be accessed from the concourse.

Warm-up hall: 280 m², height 2.5 metres. It offers direct access to the arena and can be used as a press centre.

TV, press: broadcasting facilities and press seating are situated on level 3. The press area offers 40 permanent seats with tables.

Business Area E: the glass fronted rooms on level 3 provide a direct view of the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle’s floor space. They can be used separately or as a pair for receptions or meetings.

Dressing rooms and kitchen: situated directly under the hall’s administration offices are the dressing rooms and changing rooms for sports events (level 0). The kitchen and 6 additional rooms are also located there.

Arena: the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle’s 4000 m² of floor space makes it one of the largest in Europe. The arena offers 8,427 permanent seats in the stands. The height from the underside of the roof support beams is 12 metres. The inner area is equipped with a 18 m² LED wall. At concerts, it is possible to gain direct access from backstage to the stage itself. Trucks are able to access the floor space.

Foyer: The Hallenduo in NeckarPark is joined by a modern foyer. The building linking the arenas is an impressive common entrance with large cloakrooms and information facilities.