The Hallenduo is very easy to reach by bike. A number of bicycle parking spaces are available for visitors under the Willi-Daume-Steg in the area of parking lot P10. There is no charge for using the parking spaces.

The best way to reach the bicycle parking spaces is via Talstraße and Mercedesstraße.

Please note the following if you are traveling by bike:

  • Bicycle helmets and bicycle bags (larger than DIN A4) may not be taken into the halls.
  • Bicycle drinking bottles and long air pumps may not be taken into the halls.
  • There is also a blood alcohol limit for bicycles and pedelecs. Penalties can be imposed for as little as 0.3 per mille. The second limit for bicycles (absolute unfitness to ride) is 1.6 per mille.
  • There are large crowds of visitors on the way to the halls, especially at popular events. For this reason, all visitors - whether on foot, by car or by bike - must show mutual consideration. 

As the parking spaces are open to the public, no liability is accepted for bicycles!