The Schleyer-Halle and the Porsche-Arena are integrated within the Stuttgart traffic management system which was fully modernised for the 2006 World Cup and includes the large NeckarPark Stuttgart sport and leisure complex. 

Please take notice that there is a travel ban for certain types of automobiles using diesel in the so-called "kleine Umweltzone“ (“little environment zone”).  Since 2020, it is forbidden for diesel driven cars with 5/V or worse emission standards to enter the areas of central Stuttgart, Bad Cannstatt, Feuerbach and Zuffenhausen.

This travel ban has been put in place by the state of Baden-Württemberg and is a measure included in the German “5. Fortschreibung des Luftreinhalteplans” regulations for clean air. The state capital Stuttgart was ordered to implement the measure by the state administrative authority.

We encourage any attendees who plan to attend the event(s) by car to have the appropriate diesel emission standards or risk heavy penalties from the local enforcement authorities. Further information can be found here.  

Further information can be found here.

Please follow the symbol when travelling to the hall duo: 

The NeckarPark traffic management system