Hall Rules

These hall regulations apply upon entering the event premises

Hall Rules (PDF)

1.1 The current version of the Hall Regulations applies to the entire hall duo, i.e. the Hanns-Martin Schleyer-Hall and the Porsche-Arena (hereinafter referred to as the "hall duo") as well as all access -routes and outdoor, open and parking areas (hereinafter referred to as the "premises"). The Hall Regulations apply both on all event days and on all other days to all employees, users and their staff as well as visitors to the premises and all other persons (hereinafter "Visitors"), irrespective of the reason for which they enter the Hall Duo and the premises.

1.2 Violations of the provisions of the Hall Rules may result in immediate expulsion, exclusion from the event or, in serious cases, a permanent ban from the premises.

The aim of the hall regulations is to

  • to prevent danger to or damage to persons and property,
  • to guarantee a trouble-free course of events,
  • to protect the hall duo and the premises from damage and contamination.

The in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as "operator") exercises domiciliary rights in the hall duo and on the entire premises. During the events, the domiciliary rights are exercised by the operator and/or the security service commissioned by the operator or transferred to the organizer.

4.1  Access to and stay in the hall duo and on the premises at events is granted exclusively upon presentation of a valid admission ticket or an accreditation valid for the day of the event. Every visitor must carry his or her admission ticket with him or her during his or her stay in the hall duo and on the grounds, and must present this ticket at the request of the operator or the security service and, if necessary, hand it over for inspection. Accreditations must be worn in a clearly visible manner at all times. The validity and usability of the admission ticket is governed by the General Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Admission Tickets of the respective event organizer.

4.2  Visitors who are found without a valid admission ticket or accreditation may be immediately expelled from the premises without further justification.

4.3  The admission ticket loses its validity upon leaving the hall duo, unless the visitor has been issued with a corresponding "admission ticket" for re-entry into the hall duo, which, in conjunction with the original admission ticket, entitles the visitor to re-entry.

4.4  The security service may examine persons - also by using technical aids - to determine whether they pose a security risk due to alcohol or drug consumption or because they are carrying prohibited items as defined in Item 6. In doing so, the security service is also entitled to demand the presentation of identification documents if there are indications that prohibited items as defined in Item 6 are being carried or that a local or nationwide stadium/home ban has been imposed on the person in question.

4.5  Children and young people under the age of 16 are only permitted access to the hall duo and the grounds if accompanied by a parent or guardian (in accordance with the JuSchG). Parents or guardians must ensure that they fulfill their duty of supervision.

4.6  Children generally require an admission ticket. Exceptions apply only with the corresponding permission of the respective organizer. 

5.1 Visitors who

  • refuse to consent to control measures
  • do not obey the orders of the security staff,
  • are recognizably under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
  • are recognizably prepared to commit violence or to incite acts of violence,
  • are subject to a local or national stadium/home ban,
  • have the recognizable intention of disrupting the event, or
  • carry prohibited objects as defined in section 6,
  • will be denied access to the hall duo and to the grounds, or will be expelled from the premises without reimbursement of the ticket value.

5.2 Visitors may be refused entry if official requirements or safety reasons prevent entry.

6.1 All visitors entering the hall duo and the grounds are prohibited from carrying the following items:

  • Bags and backpacks larger than DIN A4 and with a volume of more than 3 liters;
  • Drinks, food, liquids of any kind, with the exception of food and drinks that guests are required to carry due to illness upon presentation of a medical certificate or appropriate identification.
  • Weapons of any kind;
  • Objects that can be used as weapons or as projectiles;
  • Gas spray bottles, corrosive or coloring substances, or pressurized containers for gases that are highly flammable or harmful to health, except for commercially available pocket lighters;
  • Glass containers, bottles, cans, plastic canisters, hard packaging or other items made of glass or any other fragile, shattering or particularly hard material;
  • pyrotechnic material such as fireworks, flares, rockets, Bengal fires, smoke bombs, smoke powder, flares, sparklers, etc.;
  • Fire-hazardous objects, poles, sticks (except for those with walking disabilities upon presentation of a disability card), etc...;
  • Mechanically or electrically operated noise instruments (e.g. megaphone, gas trumpets);
  • Writings, posters and other objects that serve to express opinions of any kind (e.g. racist, xenophobic, radical right-wing, national socialist or political propaganda material);
  • Bulky objects such as ladders, stools, (folding) chairs, boxes, suitcases, large bags, baby carriages;
  • Laser pointers, whistles;
  • Flagpoles or banner poles that are not made of wood or that are longer than 1 m or have a diameter greater than 1.5 cm. Flags and banners brought along or approved must be made of at least flame-retardant material in accordance with the German Ordinance on Places of Assembly (VStättVO) BW; 
  • large banners (max. 1.0 m²), double holders, large quantities of paper, rolls of wallpaper, large quantities of confetti, etc.;
  • Drugs within the meaning of the Narcotics Act (BtMG)

6.2 In agreement with the police and the organizer, individual visitors may be permitted to carry larger flags, banner poles and large-area banners etc. with them when entering the hall duo and the grounds. These must be made of at least flame-retardant material in accordance with the Ordinance on Places of Assembly (VStättVO) BW.

7.1 Every visitor must comply with the duty to cooperate, in particular in the event of evacuation.

7.2 Every visitor must behave in such a way that no other person is harmed, endangered or obstructed or inconvenienced more than is unavoidable under the circumstances. Everyone must obey the instructions of the forces of order, in particular the police, the fire department and the event manager. Announcements by the hall speaker must always be heeded and instructions followed.

7.3 Visitors must occupy the places assigned to them and use the public entrances. For reasons of safety and to avert danger, visitors are obliged to take other seats, including seats in other blocks and areas, than those indicated on their admission tickets, if instructed to do so by the security service or the police.

7.4 All objects found in the hall duo and on the premises must be handed in to the administration or the security service.

7.5 If personal injury or damage to property occurs, this must be reported immediately to the operator or the security service.

7.6 All technical equipment such as fire alarms, hydrants, electrical distribution and control panels, telephone distributors, and heating and ventilation systems must remain freely accessible and unobstructed. All entrances and exits as well as escape routes and emergency exits must be kept clear without restriction. 

8.1 It is forbidden

  • Smoking in the hall duo. Smoking is only permitted outdoors;
  • to collect deposit cups and deposit bottles;
  • to disturb the event;
  • to use or spread political propaganda and actions, racist, xenophobic, anti-constitutional slogans or emblems, or to make known a corresponding attitude by gestures;
  • climb or climb over structures and installations not intended for general use, in particular facades, fences, walls, enclosures, barriers, lighting installations, camera platforms, trees, poles of all kinds and roofs as well as partitions between the individual spectator areas;
  • enter areas (e.g. function rooms, VIP and media areas, etc.) that are not open to the general public or to which the respective access authorization does not extend;
  • throw objects of any kind; - To light fires;
  • To use inline skates or other roller skates, skateboards, pedal scooters and other wheeled devices, bicycles, electric scooters, or on wheeled tables in hallways. Exceptions: medically necessary wheelchairs;
  • To post and distribute advertising materials, printed matter, flyers, and to conduct collections;
  • engage in commercial activities in the hall duo or on the premises without prior written permission from the operator;
  • to inscribe, paint or paste on structural facilities, equipment or paths;
  • to place other objects in the hall duo or on the premises;
  • to defecate outside the toilets or to pollute the hall duo or the premises by throwing away objects, waste, packaging, empty containers or the like;
  • begging and peddling in the hall duo or on the premises;
  • to obstruct or encroach on traffic areas, walkways and driveways, entrances and exits to the spectator areas and escape routes;
  • to stand on seats in spectator areas;

8.2 The bringing and use of audio and video recording devices as well as photo and film cameras is not permitted. Exceptions will be determined on an event-related basis.

8.3 Animals may only be brought along with the permission of the operator, with the exception of guide dogs. If permission is granted, the person carrying an animal must ensure that no dangers or disadvantages arise for the operator or third parties. In any case, however, it is prohibited to let animals roam freely. 

8.4 It is prohibited to record, transmit or otherwise disseminate via the Internet or other media sound or image recordings, descriptions or event results in whole or in detail, or to make them available to other persons or to disseminate them commercially.

8.5 The purchase of admission tickets for resale and the sale of admission tickets are prohibited. Such admission tickets will be blocked by the Operator upon becoming known. Claims for return, refund and warranty are excluded in this case.

Please note that the grounds of the Hanns Martin Schleyer Hall and the Porsche Arena are under video surveillance for the safety of visitors and exhibitors. For more information, please refer to the information signs posted at the entrances to the buildings. If you have any further questions about data protection, you are also welcome to contact datenschutz(@)in.Stuttgart.de 

The operator and the security service appointed by him will, at his discretion, ensure that the hall rules are followed in compliance with the applicable legal provisions. The right of the organizer and the operator to claim damages from the visitor remains unaffected.

Visitors to the hall duo and the grounds are advised that image and sound recordings will be made of the event by the operator, the organizer or their agents.

12.1  Entry to the premises and the hall duo is only permitted for authorized persons with an entry permit issued by the operator. This must be placed visibly on the windshield.

12.2  The written entry permit is to be placed clearly visible behind the windshield of the vehicle concerned. The operator is entitled to tow away vehicles that do not display a visible entry permit. 

12.3  The provisions of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) shall apply throughout the premises and in the hall duo.

12.4  The instructions of the Operator's personnel assigned to traffic control and traffic regulations or their representatives must be followed without fail. The relevant information must be observed.

13.1  Entering the hall duo and the premises is at your own risk. The operator is not liable for personal injury and property damage caused by third parties.

13.2  The liability of the operator and his vicarious agents or the organizers, regardless of the type, is limited to intent and gross negligence, with the exception of personal injury or in the cases provided by law.

13.3  The liability of the operator or the respective organizer is limited to the compensation of the foreseeable, contract-typical damage except for damages to life, body or health as well as other damages in case of intentional or grossly negligent actions.

13.4  The Operator shall not be liable for the loss of items unless this is due to culpable conduct on the part of its staff.

13.5  Visitors shall be liable in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions. Parents are liable for their children.

13.6  At events, there is a risk of possible hearing and health damage due to increased volume. The operator shall only be liable for damage to hearing and health within the scope of statutory liability if it and its vicarious agents can be charged with intent or gross negligence.

13.7  Agreements deviating from the above regulations and made in writing between a visitor and the operator on an individual basis take precedence over the above regulations.

13.8  Accidents or damages are to be reported to the operator immediately.

14.1  These hall rules are publicly posted at the entrances to the hall duo.

14.2  The individual regulations of these hall rules apply independently of each other. A possible event-related adjustment of a regulation event-related adjustment of a regulation shall not affect the validity of the remaining regulations.

Stuttgart, 26.10.2022 in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (Operator)