Park & Ride

From the west to Stuttgart via the A8/A81 autobahns and the B14:

S-Bahn railway station Österfeld 
with the S1, S2, S3

Car park "Unterer Grund", 514 spaces.
It is not possible to exit between 1.00 and 4.30 hrs.
Buy a train ticket for 2 zones. 9 minutes to the city centre and then continue to Bad Cannstatt station


From the south to Stuttgart via the B27:

U-Bahn light railway station in Degerloch 

Degerloch car park, 726 spaces, can be exited at all times, car park supervision, tel + 49 (0) 7022 41091
Adjoining the Degerloch-Albstraße U-Bahn light railway station – next to the B27 highway –, the SSB public transportation operator has built a park & ride. What’s special is that the parking ticket is simultaneously the ticket for unlimited travel within the inner city.