Park & Ride

From 1 January 2019, Baden-Württemberg initiated a year-round ban on all vehicles with diesel engines with the emission standard 4 / IV and lower in the Stuttgart environmental zone.

Therefore the Park & ​​Ride offers, which are located within the Stuttgart environment zone, can no longer be used for all cars.

All visitors of the Porsche-Arena and Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, who are affected by the diesel traffic ban and therefore can´t use the Park & ​​Ride offers (german link) within the environmental zone, please find out other opportunities of Park & ​​Ride in the region of Stuttgart.

Quelle: Stadt Stuttgart

Which P & R offers are located in the environmental zone?

If you would like to know if your P & R offer is within the environmental zone, you can view the affected Park & ​​Ride opportunities here.

More information about Park & ​​Ride offers in the region can be found on the VVS website.

Further information about the diesel traffic ban can be found here.